Project Description

Realism is a 3D virtual science lab platform that provides an easy way for teachers to access expensive science equipment and engage students. Realism’s hands-on labs model real-life challenges, such as using stoichiometry to launch a NASA-size rocket. Realism is currently available via Chromebook and will be expanding to desktop and VR.

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Current Labs

Alkali Metals Lab

An engaging introduction to Alkali Metals and their reactivity with water. You can try them all in varying size/mass and see the subsequent explosions.

Hooke’s Law Lab

Use springs and weights in space to learn about Hooke’s Law! Experience what an astronaut would do with multiple different settings.

Rocket Lab

Use gas-forming reactions and hypergolic fuels to create your custom life-size rocket to send in space.

Titration Lab

Comprehensive titration lab just like real like! Experiment with different acids, bases, and indicators in your custom lab setting.

Triple Beam Lab

Users will utilize variable mass objects and the triple beam balance to learn about not only the basics of using lab equipment, but simple contraption phenomenon. Relate torque and gravity in an advanced undertaking of a seemingly simple machine.

Coffee Cup Calorimeter Lab

Learn about basic thermochemistry via coffee cup calorimeters. These little handy cups are deceiving to the eye: you can learn a lot from them.